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What waste?

Friday, July 30th, 2010

We are frequently asked what waste BOS and COR systems can convert in to useful energy. While unsorted municipal waste is the most common feedstock, BOS™ systems handle a diverse range of waste streams including municipal, commercial, medical, construction, demolition, Haz Mat, liquid, tires, treated sewage sludge, animal/fish remains, flare gas, industrial and process waste, facility-generated waste streams from mines, oil fields, military, ports, prisons, airports, hospitals, resorts, commercial, industrial or other installations.

The COR™ plants continuously convert more uniform feedstock, such as agricultural, tobacco or wood waste, into usable energy.

Waste to energy building momentum

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

Momentum is building in the waste to energy sector and our team’s are active in the global waste-to-energy market which is expected to reach US$28.8 billion by 2015.

Waste-to-Energy technology such as the BOS and COR systems are genuinely sustainable and a cost-efficient method of converting waste into energy -  we are emerging as a key component of integrated waste management strategies across the globe.

The strategic need for domestic energy solutions has increased  the number of government calls at all levels across the globe for further use of renewable energy. By using WTEC’s waste to energy systems we help create energy independence, reduce landfill pressure, remove non-recyclable wastes and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

We have noted increased activity in developed countries, which produce higher percentage of waste in comparison to developing nations. Currently Europe dominates the world Waste-to-Energy market with waste diversion targets set by the EU Landfill Directive, rising oil prices, and ongoing demand growth for power being growth drivers.

Developing nations represent fast growing markets for us as well with the adoption of our technology as a sustainable alternative to disease laden landfills or primitive waste incineration in addition to  the creation of valuable energy.

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