Clean and Smart ApproachFrom solid waste management or renewable energy via our gasification/oxidation technology and water services (potable, wastewater and storm water) to technology provision, WTEC provides a full portfolio of solutions. These solutions help our clients lower costs, improve efficiency, lower emissions and build communities.

If you strive to reach beyond sustainability towards enduring prosperity our team has already answered many exacting questions. WTEC can help take you along an intelligent and clean path, we call this our clean & smart approach. You may need a team that is infused with genuine and creative sustainable thinking, from real people for genuine, often complex long term needs – we’re ready to help you.

Most people work with us because WTEC brings together the necessary professionals, expertise, and technology for such an approach. We coordinate project planning and control, procurement and contractors, risk management, operations and maintenance management. Clients can utilise WTEC to provide a complete suite of “turn-key” facilities that seamlessly integrate with each other and our clients’ objectives.

Clean & Smart Infrastructure

WTEC clients benefit from our integrated approach to the provision of infrastructure and operational services for waste-to-energy, water and waste water treatment.

By providing a single-point source for waste management, energy generation, and water management services (potable, wastewater & stormwater), WTEC appeals to municipal, commercial and industrial clientele who need to focus on their core activities and entrust the details to proven professionals.

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