MGS Deployed

The garbage dump was an issue for the community of Old Crow in the north west of the Yukon, Canada.

Before WTEC won the bid to deploy a Mobile Gasifier System in Old Crow there were limited resources to deal with garbage. Now  the new MGS cleanly destroys waste daily and allows for some ‘mining’ of the existing landfill to reduce the impact on the highly sensitive site.  Along with preventing further damage the MGS will also ensure emissions from rotting garbage are eliminated and the need to burn waste is avoided. WTEC’s Alistair is seen on top of that dump in the image to the right.

The MGS transportability and versatility was demonstrated when it was flown in via Hercules aircraft and deployed at the landfill site. With plenty of arctic sunlight during the long summer days the WTEC crew completed full onsite testing with varied loads of waste – all with 100% success, as anticipated in pre-delivery testing.

The varied adaptations of the MGS for the extreme conditions in the arctic ensure it can operate year round – from -40 to +30 C. These include a raised unit to avoid permafrost damage, insulation, pre-heaters, a remote uplink for off-site systems check and warm-up, lighting, self contained heated wash down and waste waster collection and adjustable venting along with a host of other features for ease of use. WTEC is now training the team there to run the MGS and will continue to provide ongoing support.

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