Water & Waste Water

Our clients require potable water supply, purification, wastewater treatment, storm water detention and recycling or integrated solutions in on or off-grid locations.Sample installation US

Via its affiliation with H2O Innovations WtEC offers complete water treatment solutions providing custom water treatment systems along with exemplary operating and maintenance service.

Together with H2O Innovations we design, develop, produce and integrate optimal water treatment, potable water supply and wastewater systems for multiple markets around the world. Whether your need is for drinking water, wastewater treatment or recycling, our solutions combine the best expertise with the most advanced reliable technology and products.

Using robust, state-of-the-art and environmentally sound solutions your costs are streamlined. As renowned specialists, our team provide counsel and solutions that will bring total peace of mind for years to come, whatever your need and application.Small installation US

For arid and coastal regions, desalination of seawater is a hugely significant issue closely tied to economic and social development. The membrane-based reverse osmosis process we employ ranks among the most efficient and economical of all desalination technologies available.

Ours and H2O Innovations internationally recognized experience in the design and production of seawater desalination systems means our clients can assure their customers or citizens that their drinking water consistently and efficiently meets international standards.

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