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Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

WTEC and Quebec-based EMISPEC’s history of working together has taken a further step as our teams work on a series of waste to energy facilities for industry, municipalities and government installations. 

EMISPEC partners with WtEC to bring waste to energy to reality and characterizes energy profiles for industrial sites, conducts feasibility studies, designs thermochemical conversion systems and implements biomass to energy projects. These include feasibility studies for:

  • Implement, within an aluminum smelter, a gasifier system producing syngas to fuel an anode bake furnace
  • Characterization of  thermal  heat requirements (steam) for a sawmill
  • A 600 KW steam turbine for electrical cogeneration in a sawmill
  • A 3000 KW  steam turbine for electrical cogeneration in a paper plant
  • A biomass boiler system in tomato greenhouse complex
  • A gasifier coupled to an internal combustion engine for cogeneration from biomass
  • A  gasification system fuelled from MSW for cogeneration power

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